Aloe Lips: The Natural Remedy for Chapped, Dry Lips

Aloe LipsYou may not appreciate your lips because you use them for all kinds of mundane tasks: eating, speaking, expressing emotion, keeping bugs out of your mouth – but they are really one of your most important physical assets for this everyday significance. Your lips also get a lot of wear and tear such as sun burn, stretching, and exposure to salty, spicy, dehydrating foods. This is why the condition of your lips is an indicator of aging and overall skin health.

Dry lips are not just an aesthetic problem, it can turn into a serious health issue if left untreated. When your lips crack and peel, hundreds of cells are dying from exposure to the elements. A high rate of cell death usually means DNA damage and increased cancer risk (particularly skin cancer).

Aloe Lips is a natural lip balm that uses beeswax and other wholesome waxes to seal in moisture and protect delicate lip skin. Aloe Vera Gel, the first ingredient, helps to repair stressed tissue and fight the effects of aging an disease. Aloe Lips is clear, conservative and therefore suitable for men, women, and children. A faint, pleasant flavor makes this lip balm a pleasure to use anytime.

Suggested Uses of Forever Aloe Lips

  • Apply after washing your face or brushing your teeth. Toothpastes and soaps can strip your lips of natural oils.
  • If your live in a dry climate, use Aloe Lips several times a day and before going to bed.
  • Use after eating salty foods (such as salt & vinegar potato chips).
  • Cover cold sores and lip irritations with Aloe Lips to promote healing.
  • Apply over lipstick for a glossy finish – can also be worn alone as lip gloss.
  • Put Aloe Lips in your child’s school bag and remind him/her to use it regularly.

When it Comes to Health Appearances Matter

Remember, it is not vain to put on lip balm. Dry lips are susceptible to infection and inflammation which can impact overall health and make eating, speaking, and smiling uncomfortable. Wetting dry lips by licking makes them worse because digestive compounds in saliva remove what oil is left.

In a social context, taking care of your lips also matter. People will be less willing to trust a professional whose appearance shows neglect. Children with cracked, bloody lips may have a harder time making friends. And who would want to kiss a scaly, scratchy mouth? In the end, there are no advantages to dry lips, so get the soothing, skin-repairing, anti-aging benefits of Aloe Lips today.


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