Are Forever Living Products (FLP) Safe for Pregnancy?

We see quite a few search engine queries coming here with pregnancy-related questions. Just as with any kind of health products and supplements, these are really questions you should be asking your doctor because every product is different and everyone is different.

If you are pregnant and unsure about the safety of particular products for you or your unborn child, you should take a bottle or list of ingredients to your primary care physician or obstetrician to discuss possible side effects based on your medical history, individual sensitivities, and current state of health. You can also e-mail a PDF brochure (found in each product listing on in our online shop) to show your doctor the list of ingredients and nutrition facts.

Why is it dangerous to rely on an internet search to answer your pregnancy-related questions?

  1. There are between 100-200 Forever Living Products
    Our product categories range from health drinks, to nutritional supplements, to personal care, to skin care and cosmetics. Of course some items like Aloe Liquid Soap and Aloe Activator are probably safe unless you have a sensitivity to Aloe or one of the minor ingredients.
  2. Just within the supplement category, there is a wide range of products for various purposes
    B12 Plus for example, is designed with pregnant women in mind. Gin-Chia, on the other hand, contains ginseng and its use during pregnancy might be inadvisable.
  3. Recommended Daily Intake
    Vitamin A, for example, is good for you in appropriate amounts, but excessive use during pregnancy may be harmful, so you have to consider the combined amounts taken within a day. If you are taking A-Beta-CarE, Forever Vision, Forever Kids and Forever Lite everyday, you might be getting too much vitamin A.
  4. Each product has many ingredients
    Somewhere down the list, there may be a single ingredient that could be unsafe for use during pregnancy. For example Tea Tree Oil, one of many ingredients found in Aloe MSM Gel, is an essential oil and its use during pregnancy may be questionable. Products such as Relaxation Bath Salts and Relaxation Massage Lotion also contain a lot of essential oils, which may or may not be safe for your baby.
  5. Every individual’s body chemistry is different
    Many of Forever Living Products’ skin care products contain chamomile, which is beneficial for many people, but can cause allergic reactions in a few rare individuals.
  6. Every pregnancy is different
    Some women experience high blood pressure during pregnancy, while some do not. Some may experience indigestion while others may not. It is dangerous to assume that just because a product didn’t adversely affect another person while they were pregnant, that it is safe for you.

Please utilize common sense and do not rely on general advice by people who don’t know you and your medical history. Just because some people can safely use certain products (not just FLP but other brands too) during pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that you can. When in doubt about certain ingredients, play it safe and ask your doctor. It is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to health matters.

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