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How Does the Forever Living Business Work? Marketing Plan, Incentive and Profit Sharing Qualification Tutorials

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The Forever Living marketing plan may seem a bit complex at first glace, but here are a few presentations that explain how the Forever Living business works and how compensations, incentives and profit sharing rewards are paid to distributors whose performance meet certain criteria.

Marketing Plan Presentation Part 1: Personal, Distributor and Group Bonuses

This is the basic marketing plan that determines all distributors’ monthly payments.

Forever Living Business Marketing Plan Presentation Video Part 1

Marketing Plan Tutorial Part 2: Gem and Leadership Bonuses

These additional bonuses are paid to distributors who achieve certain volumes beyond the basic requirements.

Forever Living Marketing Plan Leadership and Gem Bonuses Presentation Video

Earned Incentive “Car Plan” Program Tutorial

By meeting specific sale volumes in 3 consecutive months, distributors can receive yet another bonus every month for a period of 36 months.

Forever Living Earned Incentive "Car Plan" Tutorial VideoProfit Sharing 2.0 Tutorial

The ultimate achievement and recognition in the Forever Living business is awarded to top performing distributors around the world. Profit sharing bonuses can be anywhere from a few thousand to over $700,000 dollars depending on a distributor’s sales volume.

Forever Living Profit Sharing Qualification Tutorial Presentation

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