How I Lost 6+ lbs. with Forever Garcinia Plus (Current Weight 124 lbs.)

071 Garcinia Plus: Natural Weight Loss Supplement by Forever Living Products
I had known about Forever Garcinia Plus for over a decade because I filled orders in the FLP product center managed by my mother. But being skeptical of herbal remedies that promised results without explaining the science, I did not use this products in my teens and twenties.

While writing articles for Aloe Very Much, I researched the ingredients of Garcinia Plus and decided it was worth a try. However, I did not take the recommended dosage and used only 1 capsule a day due to reports of liver damage associated with overuse of this herb (when combined with green tea, something we drink a lot of in our household). Even so, I was surprised to see the needle on the scale moving down nearly every day.

Within weeks, my weight went from 131 to 126. At first I thought it was just water weight or a fluke in my routine, but my weight stayed at 126 for over a month. After forgetting to check for a while, I went on the scale today and saw that my weight was 124.

6 lbs. may not seem like a lot (compared to people who lost 100+ lbs. on diets) but it is a big drop from 131 lbs. Those who have tried know that it is harder to lose 10 lbs. than 100 because each pound is a larger percentage of your body weight when you weigh less.

In the past, I have only been able to be under 130 lbs. by serious dieting and using all my free time to exercise. However, that kind of routine cannot be maintained for long while simultaneously juggling school, work, pets, and housework. So after a determined bout of dieting, I’d return to normal life and the few pounds I’d lost would come back almost at once.

For the past several years, I have maintained a healthy lifestyle with moderate eating and a reasonable amount of exercise. But until I started taking Forever Garcinia Plus, no amount to exercise could get me to my ideal weight. While I would not recommend this supplement as a substitute for good habits, it may help you lose unwanted weight without detracting from your responsibilities and enjoyment of life.

Herbal abuse warning: While many people take Garcinia without negative effects, a few incidents of liver damage was found in individuals combining Garcinia supplements with Green Tea Extract for rapid weight loss. Please use common sense and remember that all good things can be harmful in excess. If you have a medical condition or take drugs that affect the liver consult your doctor before using herbal supplements.


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