How Much Weight Can You Lose on Clean 9?

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“How much weight can you lose on Clean 9” is one of the most frequently asked questions we see about our Clean 9 program. You should know first that Forever Clean 9 is a program to jump-start your weight loss effort and improve your absorption of nutrients for better overall health. You may repeat the second phase (days 3-9) until you reach your desired weight or continue on to Forever FIT 1 and Forever FIT 2 for more moderate and sustainable weight loss.

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**Note the following**

This is a simple mathematical exercise to estimate how much weight you can lose on Clean 9 based on caloric intake

This calculation does not include/consider:

  • Calories burned from exercise
  • Calories offset by Garcinia Plus
  • Your individual differences

You will probably lose more weight if you …

  • Add exercise to your routine
  • Have an generally active lifestyle
  • Work in a non-sedentary environment
  • Have a good metabolism

Find Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

To estimate the number of pounds you will lose with Forever Clean 9, you must first find out your basal metabolism. You can use this BMR calculator.

How to Estimate How Much WEight Can You Lose on Clean 9

How much weight can you lose on Clean 9 Worksheet for easier calculation.

Calculating Weight Loss On Days 1-2 of Clean 9 (Phase 1)

Subtract 297 from your basal metabolic rate. This is the approximate number of calories you will lose on the first day of Clean 9. Divide the number of calories by 3,500 to see the value in pounds (lbs). The weight lost per day should be less than 1 lb. unless you are heavier than average.

The Math – Phase 1 (Days 1 & 2, Repeat for each day)
Step 1
BMR – 297 = x
Step 2
x ÷ 3500 = a
Result (in pounds)
= Approximate weight loss
for each day of Phase 2

Weight lost on day 2 will be similar to day 1 (not counting water weight).

Calculating Weight Loss on Days 3-9 on Clean 9 (Phase 2)

Subtract 1,073 from your basal metabolic rate. The is the approximate calorie deficit you will achieve on each day of this phase of the program. Divide by 3,500 to get value in pounds (lbs).

The Math – Phase 2 (Days 3-9: Repeat for each day)
Step 1
BMR – 1073 = y
Step 2
y ÷ 3500 = b
Result (in pounds)
= Estimated weight loss
for each day of Phase 2

Adding Up the Results

Add up the daily estimated weight loss to get your total for the entire program,

Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3 + Day 4 + Day 5 + Day 6 + Day 7 + Day 8 + Day 9 = Estimated Total Weight Lost

Or, a simpler version for the mathematically inclined:

The Math – Totaling Estimated Weight Loss
Phase 1 Totals
Phase 2 Totals
Result (in pounds)
= Estimated total weight loss

Reasons For Inconsistent Results

This exercise is merely an estimate to give your an idea of how much weight you would probably lose on Forever Clean 9. It does not take into account for exercise habits or individual body chemistry. You may lose more weight than you calculated if your have above-average activity level or high metabolism. You may lose less weight if you have metabolic disorders or poor thyroid function. Even non-medical circumstances like job stress or family conflict can alter your hormone balance and impede weight loss.


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