Green Thumb Giving You Sore, Dry Hands? Forever Living Hand Care Tips for Gardeners

Forever Living Product Tips for Gardeners Hands

We're in the height of gardening season here at Aloe Very Much, and while we are thoroughly enjoying the rigorous work and watching our grass grow (no easy feat here in the desert!) our soft, pale, indoor girl hands have taken quite the beating these recent weeks including dry hands, chapped skin … [Read more...]

Forever Living Products to Protect Your Skin From the Damaging Effects of the Sun

Forever Skin Care

Sun damage and sunburn is the #1 cause of premature aging and skin cancer, so it is important to arm yourself with knowledge and skin care products whenever you will be spending any time in the sun. Don't let a painful and unsightly sunburn ruin your summer holidays! … [Read more...]

Aloe Lotion: A Non-Oily Hand and Body Moisturizer with Vitamin, Jojoba, Collagen and Elastin

Aloe Lotion

The skin on your hands is probably the most used and abused part of your body. How often have you admired a beautiful actress on television and marveled at how young she looked . . . until you saw her hands. Because we do everything with our hands, they can quickly become dry, worn and wrinkled if … [Read more...]

Benefits of Relaxation Bath Salts for Acne, Body Odor, Skin Problems, Aches & Pains, and High Blood Pressure

Dead Sea Salt has been sought after since ancient times for its healthful effects. Now you can get the benefits of bathing in the famous sea without leaving the comfort of your own home. :Relaxation Bath Salts: combines Dead Sea Salts with Lavender, Cedar, and Bergamot extracts for the ultimate … [Read more...]

Best Aloe Vera Forever Living Products for Dry, Itchy or Scaly Skin

7030 Forever Living Products Loofah

Growing up in Hawaii, dry skin wasn't much of a problem for us. Then we moved to California — specifically the Mojave Desert — and for the first time began to experience dry, itchy skin. Over the past few years, we have gotten better at dealing with dry skin and found the following products helpful … [Read more...]

Forever Living Products To Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles

Sonya Skin Care Kit 282

Wrinkles are not just a sign of natural aging, they can happen prematurely as a result poor nutrition, sun exposure, and inadequate skin care. Skin damage is most evident on the face, neck, chest, and hands because these areas are exposed, which also mean your wrinkliest parts are those most visible … [Read more...]

Bosom Secrets: Aloe Vera and Nutritional Supplements for Thoracic Beauty

Madame Henriot by Renoir

What causes breasts to sag? The simple answer is: Gravity. The same force that keeps you from floating into space can often get you down. Sagging of the breasts (ptosis in medical terms) affects some people more than others depending on health, age, weight, and lifestyle. Healthy, youthful skin … [Read more...]