Lose Weight and Look Great in 2014 with Clean 9, Aloe BB Creme, and more!

Get Fit

At the start of every new year, many people around the world vow to be thinner, achieve better skin, or merely look more attractive. Your figure and appearance are not only indicators of your health, these factors can really affect your professional success, social status, and self-esteem. Have you … [Read more...]

Nutri-Lean Not Available in Your Country? How to Make Your Own Nutri-Lean Program

Forever Nutri-Lean SKU 294, 296, 302, 304

Update: November 2014. Nutri-Lean is being replaced by the new Forever FIT 1 & 2 programmes which are starting to make their way around to our various online stores. If you click on the "Buy Now" link for your country, you may be taken to the new Forever FIT page instead of the old Nutri-Lean … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight: Possible Reasons & Solutions

Why can't I lose weight? (Photo by Petr Kratochvil)

Even if you watch what you eat and exercise regularly, you might find it impossible to lose "that last 10 lbs." or even prevent weight gain. This problem is more common than you think. Lifestyle issues or dieting errors are usually to blame. This article will attempt to explain the most common … [Read more...]

Forever Living Weight Loss & Weight Management Products

Forever Lite Ultra

In this modern age of computers, cars, smart phones, and other time-saving technology, we need all the help we can get to lose weight and keep it off. Forever Living weight management products provide many options to augment your weight loss efforts with nutritional and herbal supplments. Popular … [Read more...]

Look Good in a Bikini Fast with Forever Clean 9 and Aloe Body Toning Kit

Look great in a bathing suit!

It's time to prepare for bathing suit season! Even if you don't plan on going swimming, the summer heat will almost guarantee that you will be showing bare arms and legs at some time in the coming months. Don't wait until beach day or vacation day to worry about excess weight and cellulite. Sure, … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Mangosteen (Garcinia) and Forever Living Products Containing Mangosteen

Mangosteen Garcinia Fruit

Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana or Garcinia Cambogia) is a tropical fruit originating in Southeast Asia. The juice of the Mangosteen fruit contains a type of compound known as Xanthanoids which are believed to have a beneficial effects against diseases and ailments. … [Read more...]

Need to Get Into a Dress By a Certain Date? Boost Your Weight Loss with Natural Slimming Products

Need to get into a dress by a certain date? (Fashion Model Photo by Petr Kratochvil)

If you are like most women, your true dress size is the size you want to be, not the size that fits you just now. Whether you are facing a wedding, a reunion, or another major event, the idea of appearing chubby or over-the-hill is truly mortifying. If you are trying to lose weight for a special day … [Read more...]